Young people call for action on climate change

Young people call for action on climate change

Campaigners calling for action on climate change are getting younger as children are increasingly eager for adults to tackle the problem. Campbell Baron of CBC Kids News explains the impact kids can have on the environment.

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20 thoughts on “Young people call for action on climate change”

  1. Carbon underground and what's that going to do to the landscape? How is that a good thing. Other issues will arise

  2. Young people also tend to believe everything such as climate change. Fighting for a lie of the elite. Congratulations.

  3. Its desirable that young people care.
    Unfortunate that naiievety, on the full scope of this topic, is being used and abused through manipulation.
    That does not mean we should avoid becoming good stewards of the earth, regardless.
    Undoubtably man may have had some effect, however small.

  4. The atmosphere contains only 0.001 per cent of all carbon at the surface of the Earth and far greater quantities are present in the lower crust and mantle of the Earth. Over the past 250 years, humans have added just one part of CO2 in 10,000 to the atmosphere. One volcanic cough can do this in a day.
    Blame mother earth for having her periods.

  5. It takes a pretty naïve person to think that a piddly little race like the humans can hurt this big beautiful flat world 🗺!

  6. The “law of cause and effect” is always at play. When you run counter to a universal law, there are always consequences. There are different categories of universal law, such as those in physical science and of quantum mechanics. An example of such is ‘thermal blanketing’ by greenhouse gases as described by the interplay between physical science and quantum mechanics:‬

    Note: The ‘Absolute Law of Cause and Effect’ is popularly known as the Law of Karma. For a group, it’s called Group Karma.

  7. Young people have been brain washed so bad and have been lied to so often they have no idea what the truth is. Kids, study the real science.

  8. Hahahahahahahaha 😂 kids are so funny. We can't undo everything or change lifestyles! China is still China, and Volcanos are still active, stop complaining about the weather changing! It's called "seasons"!

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