The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublin

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. David Puttnam looks at Climate Change through different lenses, all of which reveal the unsustainable ways in which we are living. Climate Change is real, but throughout history humans have failed to set political and economic concerns aside for our greater good. Will we ignore this latest warning?

Lord David Puttnam produced award-winning films including Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone, and The Mission. He now works at the intersection between education, media, and policy. In 2007 he was appointed Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill.

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The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublin

20 thoughts on “The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublin”

  1. Yes Mr soothsayer there will be another tomorrow morning!
    You see the sea level at Fort Denison Sydney Harbour shows a rise of around 200 mm or about8 inches since first recorded by Sydney Maritime Serviced Board from the 1890' s
    No need to run for the hills any of time soon!

  2. why are there 34,000 scientists that signed a document stating they do NOT believe man is causing global warming ????

  3. Pathetic! Another uninformed politician preaching alarm and cherry picking history to suit his politics. I can't believe some people praised this as a great lecture. No solutions either, just go out and clamor for revolution, pitiful!

  4. Thing is governments and corporations, including the fossil fuel industry are funding and supporting the man made C02 story, so its not like the tobacco story. Yes there is resistance from some quaters, but the big fossil fuel corporations are backing both sides of the game. Putman like many others promotes the idea that humans are a surge on the earth and that we need to be controlled by big government in order to limit our behaviour. This is the path toward global totalitarianism. The way is being paved for a global technocracy, with the 5G internet of things being the enabler of the control grid. Yes, humans are behaving in many self destructive ways that impact on our environment, but the planet will ultimately shrug us off. The real challenge is for us to find ourselves as incarnate spirits, so that we can learn to behave in a healthy manner as our natural expression rather than creating control systems to enslave and dehumanise us. The sad thing is, so many well meaning people have let themselves, through the manipulation of group think, be hood winked into believing the man made C02, climate change hoax. The physics just does not support the theory, but no re-examination and debate on the science is allowed because the truth would be revealed and the house of cards would fall. For those who say it doesn't matter if the science is true or not, because we need to be made to live without polluting and wasting energy anyway, they ignore the fact that the solutions offered us for climate change is all about C02 and include the corrupt carbon trading market, dangerous geoengineering technologies, nuclear power, carbon sequestration and the aforementioned internet of things, 5G control grid microwave panopticon. So be very careful what you ask for……

  5. You know climate "science" is fraud by two simple indicators: when those pushing it insist 1) the science is "settled" and 2) there is an "overwhelming consensus" about the matter.
    Real science is NEVER determined by consensus, but by verifiable and reproducible results….and true science is NEVER settled. Those who want the debate ended are the ones who are Anti-Science.

  6. There is no Global Warming only Ozone Layer ( blue sky ) Depletion. All life on Earth is quickly coming to an end due to Ozone Layer Depletion.

  7. WE DON'T NEED To WORRY….if climate is changing we are too accordingly….(our body c. Change with cearths climate )

  8. Hahahaha just listen to this guy. His research is obviously funded from the Carbon Tax industry. What nonsense

  9. David presented us an example, where tobacco industry executives prefered to support their company, instead of stating the obvious in front of the court.
    The question that arises is, for whom David is working?

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