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Cyclone Nargis Rips through the Irrawaddy Delta…

Cyclone Nargis off the coast of Burma in the Bay of BengalMay 3, 2008. No one would have suspected that a storm forming off the coast of Burma would have caused this much destruction. Much of the destruction can be blamed on lack of preparedness and lack of early warning. Another large part can be blamed on the fact that the once lush mangrove forests that used to be present across Burma’s coast and up the Irrawaddy Delta had been hacked away over the decades. The protection they would have offered could have saved thousands of lives and avoided much economic loss. It would be unwise to jump to conclusions, but everyone is thinking it: are we to see more storms of such intensity (and greater frequency) as the world’s climate changes? 2.5 million affected, 100,000 potentially dead. No one expected this…


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