Martin Wolf on climate change

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As part of the FT’s guide to Energy Transition, Martin Wolf explains why painful economic action and bold leadership is needed now to tackle climate change

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Martin Wolf on climate change

20 thoughts on “Martin Wolf on climate change”

  1. If you don't want to have kids due to the idiotic alarmist failed predictions, then I say better for the gene pool….common sense people…..

  2. Ok your legitimate. Please listen
    A. Thorium molten salt nuclear reactors, mass produced, internationally standardized for everything from chemical processing , ocean transportation, electrical generation, desalinization…. 2. Reeducation and end liberal job policing. IQ is a thermal adaption, sorry we are mammals, not only do we need smarter people to be safer but we cant have the safest possible hierarchies usurped by mobs of wrong people . 3. Geoengineering and economics. The most efficient energy should be the greenest . *see#1 . But remediation is required, and economics must comply . How ? Incremental debt write off for national contributions to geoengineering efforts as deemed appropriate by a central bank committee of planners … as it is their debt being written off … but publicly . In other words the world bank hypotheticals forgives China 50,000,000 for 5,000 ships produced and manned to seed the oceans , countries engaging in damaging behavior like deforestation of the Amazon will see credit ratings reduced. Ect ect carrots and sticks. Its central planning and I dont care

  3. First thing he talked about was "maintaining economic growth", which is what got us deeper into this mess to begin with. A dismantling of the current economic model is essential for the survival of humans extended into the future.

  4. There is no evidence that warming is worse for us than cooling or that rise in co2 is worse for us than lowering of co2, just because you are fixated on the disadvantages of a warmer climate and higher co2 does not mean nature agrees. There are many advantages to a warmer climate and higher co2, although its not obvious yet if co2 cause warming or if warming cause co2 as both takes place. Its a bad linear assumption to make that co2 adds up due to emissions the carbon cycle dont work that way. Simple minds tend to pick co2 causes warming, but in reality its not that simple.

  5. Excelen presentation, thank you Mr. Martin Wolf, Thank you FT….but it take more than money to raise human development index, gross domestic product, diminish to zero emissions and promise to millions of refugees a happy ending…

  6. This guy just wants your money via global taxation.
    He doesn't understand what factors causes global warming or what harm global cooling would cause the human race!
    Start researching people and don't become one of these sheeple being spoon fed misinformation.
    Research solar cycles, Wheeler cycles, volcano charts, hurricane charts from the beginning of start data hundreds/thousands of years ago not data starting 1970s!
    These are misrepresentations of real figures that they give.
    Research CO2 absorption factors in atmosphere.
    Vostok ice core data and you'll come to the conclusion that CO2 has been naturally rising and falling for hundreds of thousands of years without "man made global warming".
    Research the albedo effect of clouds etc…
    Oxygen cycles and sources via trees and majoritavely phytoplankton.
    Research the bogus evolution of claims the doomsday scammers use such as John Holdrens ice tidal wave claims 1971. Acid rain, ozone layer, global warming and now more recently climate change.
    Read research into Polar bear figures and ask yourself why they always use the same two images of the polar bear stuck on a piece of broken ice and the dead starving polar bear over and over again for years now. Numbers say that in 2005 some 22,500 bears were in existence now the figures are at around 30,000 bears.
    Do your own research!
    Science is not about consensus, and consensus is not science.
    'Burt Rutan'

  7. Climate change? Humans have been around .01% of Earths existence yet we have idiots expecting the climate has always been and should always be the way it is today and support life and furthermore, are arrogant enough to believe they can influence climate in a seriously significant way.

  8. A bit of science:

    During a 20 year period from 1978 to 1998 the global average temperature rose sharply by 0.4 degrees Celsius.

    And then the warming stopped.

    From 1998 and forward for the next twenty years, the average global temperature has remained constant… a little up, a little down and ended about where it started. No global warming.

    The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) catastrophic warnings are all based on a collection of climate models that do not predict observed climate. The models predict warming that did not occur, and their claims are based on the models. The IPCC is engaged in climate speculation.

    In in a moment of rare honesty in an IPCC Assessment Report draft, they wrote "the abillity of climate models to make future climate projections cannot be evaluated". Yes, most of us know this. Humans can't predict weather very well either, and climate is just long term weather. In fact humans don't predict weather as mush as observe it with radar, then make estimations where it will travel based on observed speed and direction patterns.

    The correlation between CO2 and temperature is historically transient at best. From 1978 to 1998 it seemed promising to alarmists. Since 1998 however the correlation is non-existent, CO2 has continued to rise while temperatures have not. "Global Warming" was rebranded as "Climate Change".

    CO2 is essential for life, its not a pollutant and occurs naturally. At levels below 150ppm (parts per million) plants will not grow.

    The oceans (which cover 70% of the planet), volcanoes, decaying plant life and breathing animals (including humans) all continually emit CO2. Each human adds about 800 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere each year simply by breathing. We exhale about 100 times the amount of CO2 we absorbed when inhaling.

    The atmosphere is mostly water vapor.

    The most abundant greenhouse gas by far, is water vapor.

    CO2 has a well known quality where its greenhouse effect rapidly diminishes. In other words, the next molecule of CO2 added to the atmosphere has less heat retention qualities than the previous.

    CO2 is a minuscule part of our atmosphere. If you had a jar full of ten thousand molecules of atmosphere, only four of those molecules would be CO2. 100+ years ago, prior to human industrialization using fossil fuel, the jar would have had 3 CO2 molecules. If the jar had less than 1.5, the earth would struggle to sustain plant life.

    The CO2 level is currently at 400ppm (parts per million). NASA considers a space station with CO2 levels up to 3000ppm to 5000ppm safe. Submarines are considered safe up to levels of 5000ppm to 8000ppm.

    The earth is at historically low temperatures and low levels of CO2. We are still coming out of the Little Ice Age (1300AD to 1850AD).

    The Little Ice Age was preceded by two recent periods significantly warmer than today, the Roman Warm Period (250BC to 400AD) and the Medieval Warm Period (950AD to 1250AD). Both occurred before human industrialization with fossil fuels, and during periods of lower levels of CO2.

    The Pacific Ocean covers almost a third of the planet and has a warming/cooling cycle about every 50 years. The impact of the earths massive water system (oceans & atmosphere which is mostly water vapor) likely plays a far more significant role in the natural variability of climate. Not to mention the impact of solar activity.

    Science believes clouds may have an offsetting effect to greenhouse gases, but more research is needed.

    Climate scientists know of a spruce tree stump with its root system intact 100km north of today's Arctic tree line, carbon dated to be 5000 years old. In other words, just a short time ago, but well before human industrialization with fossil fuels, the earth was significantly warmer with lower levels of CO2.

    Climate speculators love to talk about Arctic ice, but rarely note the Arctic only holds 1% of Earth's ice. The Antarctic and Greenland account for
    the other 99% (90% and 9% respectively).

    In 1942 a plane called the Glacier Girl made an emergency landing on Greenland. 50 years later in 1992 it was uncovered under 270 feet of ice. In other words, during a 50 years period at the height of post war industrialization, with rising CO2, Greenland's ice pack increased in height by a massive amount.

    Antarctic ice has increased each year, over the last 50 years enought to prompt research facilities to be built on jacks so they don't get buried.

    Rising sea levels due to melting Arctic ice, which floats on the Arctic Sea: Fill a glass with ice and water to the very top, let it sit until the ice melts and observe if any water overflows.

    Higher levels of CO2 would be a blessing in the fight against world hunger, promoting increased crop production. The planet is a little greener today than 100 years ago due to a little extra CO2.

    There are estimates of 1 to 1.5 BILLION people on the planet today who's only access to energy is biomass (wood, cow dung…). Another 1 to 1.5 Billion have NO access to energy on a regular basis. There are only about 400 million people in the United States, so the numbers of energy deprived are staggering.

    Carbon taxes and climate policies of the rich are regressive. They hurt the poorest the hardest. Al Gore made $100 million dollars selling climate change movies, books and speeches. Elon Musk has wealth beyond imagination selling green cars using tax payer funded subsidies, and countless others continue to profit from the $billions poured into it each year.

    Climate Change is a $massively $profitable $industry.

    The earth warms and cools, and climate is in constant change, all on its own whether humans like it or not. It has done so for billions of years We still know very little about the very complex climate system and we need to continue the study.

    The idea that CO2 is the primary 'forcing' agent driving temperature or climate is simply not supported by objective science.

  9. We could fix the supposed global warming problem tomorrow by replacing fossil fuels with advanced nuclear (according to the UN, the safest form of generation on the planet), but the Eco-Nuts won't permit that either! Guess they must not think climate change is THAT important huh?

  10. 6.5 Billions live in poverty. They will grave for some wealth and participation. Should the climate change be driven by man kind there is no stop possible. I believe in strong cosmic forces. The climate changed and will do it again. It has been warmer. Grönland was once ice free. The man kind was very well at warm times. So why afraid. Ice and cold would be worst.

  11. We passed 2C a long time ago – a triple-digit heatwave is decimating three continents which follows the triple-digit five continent heatwave from the summer of 2018 while ocean waters are warming up faster than the fake experts expected as Arctic and Antarctic ice melts exponentially. If you think worldwide decimation isn't coming, you might want to find the courage to face reality, pack, relocate and stock up on survival necessities.

  12. No mention of animal agriculture, which is one of the main causes of climate change… People can act now and change the market, by choosing plant-based food at the supermarket.

  13. They say, “we have to turn this around or in the near future we will suffer”
    20 years later: the world is almost the same but we need more government funding 🤦‍♂️🤔🤔

  14. Wake up, everybody! The climate is not warming, it's cooling. The great danger to humanity is not a more fruitful state of agriculture (thanks to rising CO2 levels, CO2 being vital for plant life), but crop failures due to bad, even non-existant, summers. This will cause worldwide starvation. During the European mini ice age of not long ago, when the Thames regularly froze over and summers in Yorkshire weren't warm enough to melt the winter snow, about 15% of Europe's population died of starvation. For goodness sake, Martin Woolf, get your priorities right!

  15. This is not true. It has been hotter and colder on Earth for ever. It simply changes. Climate change fear is a hoax.

  16. Climate Change hysteria is the dumbest thing I have seen in my lifetime. The idea that we can control the temps of this planet just by reducing a little carbon is total nonsense. There is ZERO proof that anything we do is going to make a difference, especially since we have no control over pole shifts (going on right now), ocean currents, solar activity, and volcanic activity that spews tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Furthermore we had a record global food harvest last year, which flies in the face of all their hysterical predictions. Ask yourself if we were cooling right now — would these same people be telling you to drive an SUV and build a coal plant in your city?

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