How 2020 Democrats plan to address climate change

In a year when floods, hurricanes and wildfires have devastated parts of the United States, climate change has been polling as a top issue in the 2020 Democratic primaries. All 23 of the party’s current candidates agree that this global crisis is real, but they have very different proposals for dealing with it. William Brangham reports.

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How 2020 Democrats plan to address climate change

Have your voice heard at the UN Climate Summit in NYC, September 23:

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Climate Change is Boring

20 thoughts on “How 2020 Democrats plan to address climate change”

  1. This just looks like cherry-picking to me. I mean sure this was back in 2014, before people were more aware recycling isn't going make a jot of difference to climate change (not that we should stop because there's no point in saving a planet only to make it a rubbish dump), but there's no way more people don't know now that you reduce your carbon footprint by switching from petrol car to an electric one, from switching from a gas boiler to a hydrogen one, from eating animal-based foods to going vegan, using less water, planting trees, and from overall reducing your use of electricity and switching things off at the wall when not in use.

  2. There is nothing we have done to have much effect on climate change and the only thing we can do is adapt to that of which we have nearly zero effect on.

  3. global warming and climate change are the biggest profit scams ever. Do you really believe they would build more houses and give out long term loans if all this was real. Not on you life. It's all a government scam to control everything. The world has always Varied itself and repaired its problems. It doesn't need us interferer. Human interference will cause the problems causing the death of trees and animals and all plant life. You interfere with the biosystem that works you create chaos. Stop messing and leave the planet to heal it's own problems. mess with the co'2 balance and you'll destroy everything. It common sense. The Governments need to stop lying to the people .

  4. Lol "We recycle a lot in England", so basically you didn't change anything because the government made it possible and mandatory to recycle. Nobody is going to change squat, nobody is going vegan taking less plane-vacations buying less clothes. Permafrost is melting, people in India are dying by the dozen, nobody is doing anything. #ClimateEmergency.

  5. So I stopped driving my baby and made an electric bicycle from recycled laptop batteries. True story. Best decision ever!

  6. We can use public transport or take 'pool' for taxi/ uber…… airline should not take useless stuffs just for extravaganza ,which will result in extra fuel consumption for show off…. that's the least we can do…

  7. Nukes and more nukes. Recycling isn't even a drop in the bucket. And some more nukes. Oh, they have fail safe nukes. Turn off everything and it just cools down on its own. Also, why should a care about CO2 when people like Al Gore lives in a huge mansion that consumes massive amounts of energy and uses private jets. If the U.S. went to zero CO2, it would make almost no difference.

  8. Whoever thinks they can predict what will happen to the earth's temperature is delusional. I do modeling earth systems for a living. Even when modeling much simpler processes there is a very large uncertainty in the outcome. In the particular case of climate modeling (probably the most complex coupled problem) there are numerous effects that we don't have proper understanding of, such as cloud formation or the stability of hydrates, that are critical to prediction. Unfortunately, most disaster scenarios rely on positive feedback by these other more potent effects which we don't properly understand.
    Please Derek, you cannot seriously say we know what will happen. Scientist don't know. Computer models cannot predict with enough accuracy.
    Yes, climate is likely being impacted by our emissions, but by how much, with what exact impact by location?
    It is extremely complex and an educated person like yourself should know better than to be so categorical.
    So many doomsayers doomsayers have been completely of the mark with their predictions (e.g. The Population Bomb) that we should be more cautious.

  9. 3:40 – blame the coalition for that, they all seem to think it doesn't exist and it's the same now in 2019.

  10. You do realize that the rate of CO2 increase over the last 100 years increased at a rate of 1 part per 10,000. You know the stuff you exhale. The stuff plants need to survive and vicariously necessary for all life on this planet to exist. That ultimately is what you are basing your arguments on. Plus show me proof that CO2 a trace gas is the all powerful weather/climate changing gas you claim it to be which has never been proven. Or the tiny trace gas whose effect on weather/climate is so minuscule as to not even be worth mentioning. Which has been proven… several times in fact. Research it. You can't be that stupid to buy into this scam. Do yourself a favour and check out what the "deniers" are saying. Christopher Monckton, Marc Morano, Tony Heller aka Steve Goddard, Tim Ball etc are saying. If you disagree with them then fine. But then you'll have to prove it. Not by saying most scientists agree garbage because that's not true either. Or perhaps you're here for some ulterior motive?

  11. I agree. I got 55kw batteries with 5kwh panels and a 5kwh inverter and it does this trick. I did the installation and total cost about a medium size car.

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