ESA and climate change

ESA and climate change

Climate change is high on the global agenda.
To tackle climate change, a global perspective is needed and this can be provided by satellites. Their data is key if we want to prepare ourselves for the consequences of climate change. While our Earth Explorers gather data to understand how our planet works and understand the impact that climate change and human activity are having on the planet, the European Union’s Copernicus Sentinels provide systematic data for environmental services that help adapt to and mitigate change.
The video offers an overview of how European satellites keep watch over our world. It includes interviews with Josef Aschbacher, our Director of Earth Observation Programmes, and Michael Rast, our Earth Observation Senior Advisor.

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Scientists continue to issue urgent warnings about climate change | 7.30

This week there are talks in Poland to work out how to implement the Paris climate agreement, as the world’s most respected scientific bodies continue to issue ever-more urgent warnings about how humans are changing the climate. Michael Slezak reports.

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40 thoughts on “ESA and climate change”

  1. You should go to north and ask locals.I tell you,many of them are waiting for the sun.They don't want travel to south for warmer weather anymore.In Greenland they are waiting for mining,upgrade the local economy,rise the population.They want independence.Ask russians in Siberia,or mongolians.Believe me,many scandinavian and canadian,and people in Alaska looking for warmer weather.Usa,Russia,Canada,Norway etc…looking for new ,shorter ,cheaper ship routes next to North Pole!!!!Of course in Maldives is different.Red alert there.Climate change can be a defrosting period from ice age.Who knows??It is happening,but some area can make benefits and profits.What we can do?We cannot ask people from the colder area,hey keep it like this pls.We give you cheap flights for the southern hotels and beaches…think about the other side.

  2. The truth about climate change is that the earth has been warmer for 400 year's. So this means climate change has happened. The problem now is recycle trash and keeping poison gas out of city's area with clear water . This can been done by developing new manufacturing technologies, planting more trees, greener area's natural spaces in cities area's that would make billions in economic growth and develop healthier lifestyles . For wildlife and humans 🎯. It's sound like alot but this would created billions in job's and economic development government and companies around the world are slow to change ,updated .

  3. Don't worry folks, climate change is going to make a believer out of everyone post haste.

  4. "We must be mitigating for encroaching impacts on our environment" Says the Senior Adviser….sounds a little lacking in urgency.

  5. “The two (2) asterisks below cover .04% of this (8 1/2" x 11") surface area. Carbon dioxide makes up the same proportion in our atmosphere (400 PPM = .04%). Still think CO2 is a problem for the environment considering it is as essential to plant growth as water and sunshine?"     **

  6. Verifiable Evidence

    That fossil fuel CO2, a minor part of a minor greenhouse gas, has caused any temperature rise, ice melt or sea level rise – there is none.

  7. i won't even be alive to see this change! to much greed fat cats that feed off the poor! banks the pigs of greed

  8. We think we are experiencing "climate change" just think of the poor insects. Yikes

  9. War on Terror= more terrorists.
    War on Drugs= worse drug problems and more lives destroyed.
    War on climate change is going to be just as successful.
    It is a scam, plain and simple. Pollution is the enemy and CO2 is our friend.

  10. Measuring is great but it's too damn late. If all you do is test, measure and talk you're wasting time. The melting ice and heating ocean tells the whole story. There will be NO protection. This video is either old and out of touch, or it's just misguided.

  11. Humans are not the problem the planet has always been polluted I don't think so the problems only started on Earth at the time of humans

  12. No nuclear plaint ,no nuke tests
    Take new way transportation ,use electricity friendly elemental ,replace CFC ,
    Save energy ,growing anti carbon tree shade , make more rainfall in desert and balance ocean level

    Otherwise find new planet

  13. Here’s an idea… put 2 solar panels on the tops of every telegraph pole in Australia that should add up to save major energy usage shouldn’t it???
    What a few hundred thousand telegraph poles in Australia??
    Whatever the number is that’s double in solar panels

  14. 0.04 of the worlds atmosphere is carbon. 97% of that occurs naturally 3% is manmade. Just what are the benefits to mankind if we reduce our output by half.


  15. It's all there in the Bible Prophecies for the end times – it's all happening exactly as foretold.
    there is nothing man can do except repent and get back to God.
    Even if it had nothing to do with God (which it very much is) we are already past the point of no return. It's only going to snowball faster and faster as foretold in the Bible.

  16. NEW WEATHER is here, let's call it NEW WEATHER it's third name NEW WEATHER stop our debating NEW WEATHER

  17. “We need a change of heart, a reframing of all our conceptions and a new orientation of our activities. The inward life of man as well as his outward environment have to be reshaped if human salvation is to be secured.” ~ Shoghi Effendi, Baha'i Faith

  18. When the scientists protest, we know the world is going to end. But they will not, because their jobs (depending on public service) will be at stake.

  19. Nobody is addressing these issues. Everyone need modern technology but no one needs a better and a safe world.

  20. I'm disgusted how long the information and warnings have been repeated for and NOTHING was done to even keep C02 levels steady, let alone from going up and up. It's perfectly hideous.

  21. Aren't they controlling weather, like HARP. Chemtrailing, ship track. Then they ( governments) give it a name. Gives them a excuse to do more damage.

  22. The politicians say everything is urgent, doom and gloom. About 20 years ago, Al Gore said that the world would be destroyed by now because of global warming. AOC says the world will end in 2030. Politicians ruin people's attitudes because they lie with this false urgency.

    We do need to take care of this problem, but voters will not get on board with socialistic plans and sky high tax rates. If we put aside the partisan bs, we might be able to solve this problem.

  23. the weight of polar meltwater is reactivating the Pacific ring of fire …man has left a massive carbon footprint…when the volcanic activity from the ring of fire, activates Yellowstone then a nuclear winter will happen… of the many puzzle pieces i used to add this up was found in the latter part of a verse in the christian bible found at revelation 11:18 where it says "and the time came for God to destroy those destroying the earth" written almost 2000 years ago there is no way they could have guessed this …do the research the scientist did but did not tell you or me everything…thank you .

  24. NO Government Cares though! Plus its obvious that its already too late, ALL governments have failed everyone, just look up "Recycling in Australia LIE" Everything u put out for recycling is actually being buried & burned! Why? Because of our GOVERNMENT! They dont police the laws they make & are 110% "Killing" us all right now. Plus NOBODY cares! You ALL only care about your Phone & Facebook! NOBODY does anything to help or fix anything anymore!

  25. We desperately need a one world government to save us. No more fossil fuels,forced labor camps for all,Pol Pot was right.

  26. “The two (2) asterisks below cover .04% of this (8 1/2" x 11") surface area. Carbon dioxide makes up the same proportion in our atmosphere (400 PPM = .04%). Still think CO2 is a problem for the environment considering it is as essential to plant growth as water and sunshine?"     **

  27. Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.Are you worried about the Earth? global warming is a global issue…. global concern.

  28. According to an ongoing temperature analysis conducted by scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the average global temperature on Earth has increased by about 0.8° Celsius (1.4° Fahrenheit) since 1880.

  29. ABC NEWS, These idiots, still do not understand, no matter anything that man does, except One thing he can do, will not make any difference. But, the "Only Answer" man thinks is not acceptable. They (man) thinks it foolishness. REPENT!!!

  30. These are signs of nearly end of human kindom and nearly comming of Jesus kingdom the king of all kings. He will abolish the human kingdom and establish his imortal kingdom of everlsting life. And the greedy and evil doers will not be included to this uncoruptable kingdom of God.

  31. Well we can start with corporate greed, plastics, heavy metals, pest control, farming geoengineering, they hold back the clean free energy we could all have. Global cooling and warming have been going on for millions of years and we are still here, we are in a new position in our galaxy as we travel around, we are in countering more severe conditions of solar activity.

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