DeGrasse Tyson: We have to believe science on climate change

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks to CNN’s Van Jones about the latest climate change warning and the intersection of science with the military and politics.

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DeGrasse Tyson: We have to believe science on climate change

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  1. You know why I don't believe or trust any of you on climate. Because our government and others have messed with it for over 50 years. So where is the demand for them to tell is what they have done. BTW there is a treaty where it can't be used in war. So if there is a problem then governments have caused it. Also, you never mention what the sin can do in one day or what one volcano eruption can cause. Both HAVE happened!! Lastly all they want is money, never a solution, not throwing money at a problem so Dems can get rich off.

  2. There is good science and there is bad science (i.e. knowledge). Global warming is bad science. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves. Their treachery knows no bounds when it comes to grabbing tax dollars and murdering babies. Why is it… the leftists will whine about too many people in the world, yet, those same people will gladly live in the most populated cities? Hypocrites.

  3. What an idiot. He should concentrate at looking at stars. This is all about a small group of corrupt grant driven scientists that support even more corrupt globalists to justify taxing the shit out of us. It’s not getting hotter it’s getting colder because of the turn down the suns activities, the climate has always been changing, The earth is carbon starved we are only 30ppm over plants dying. Our contribution to CO2 is less than 1%.. If the sea level were to rise in the next 20 years to the elbows of the Statue of Liberty like this idiot says no bank today would finance seaside construction anywhere in the world or insurance companies support it. They must know something we don’t. It’s all bullshit. End of story. They do have the right audience though a bunch of CNN dumb as shit losers

  4. We are not running out of time on climate change. It never happened. Neil is old enough to know better, but his ego won't allow him to discern the truth. Neil is an astrophysicist and he cannot verify global warming.
    Passion about a subject doesn't make you correct. Islam is passionate and they worship Satan.

  5. Science is a way of querying the world … yes, it is. Making statements falsifiable by experimentation. Not about bowing to truths made from a position of authority. That is not a scientific but rather a religious way of viewing things. We had no ice ages? We had no ice caps melting? Has he looked at the record? He has the prediction on sea level on a precise scale measured on the Statue of Liberty? All right. Let's just look at the data on sea level that we have now vs what was predicted. No taking back previous predictions. No altering the data that we are taking. How does it look? Do they need to radically modify their predictions?

  6. How many scientists agree on actual oxygen levels throughout human history? What was the temperature in June 3, 450 B.C.? How many layers of atmosphere have "holes"? How are the "holes" measured? Does a plane, rocket or any other object injected into earth's different layers of atmosphere effect weather? Does radio frequency effect earth's atmosphere? Who here knows about operation "Popeye" studies done between 1967 and 1972? Who here knows the chemicals used in cloud seeding? Who here has studied works of Louis Gathmann of the 1890's, Alfred Wegener – Tor Bergeron – Walter Findeisen process, 2010 Tel Aviv University study on silver iodide and frozen carbon dioxide, 2011 study suggesting planes can change weather, 1960's projects such as "project Stormfury" "project Skywater", NOAA Atmospheric Modification program 1979-1993 , Professor Henry Chessin 1975 patent, Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir, and much more? We are not he only country who is involved with studies of cloud seeding Spain's (PEP) program, China and 20 other countries. Who has studied all scientific attempts to modify storms to be less harmful? If sound is used to measure accurately the weather why is ultra-sonic sound devices desired? How many countries are studying the ability to produce plasma clouds? Do solar flares effect weather? Yes according to Bob Bernman and Oceanic science. Who here has read "The letters of Sir Joseph Banks : a selection, 1768-1820"? Who here read 1800 froze to death? The summer that never happened? Who here read 1922 report of the Arctic? How does co2 trap heat and how was it tested? Co2 stays in atmosphere for how long? How many assumptions are made in climate change studies? How much information is dependent on ICPP not ever questioning ICPP results or means of measurements? How many of you religious believes of global warming question sources? How many of you religious global warming believers have done any actual experiments for your self to judge fact of fiction? Simply because a person is a "scientist" by government reward of certificate didn't mean they are not wrong or that you cannot study for yourself. This is a clip of believe me because I say so and theses articles support my beliefs.

    Currently people believe in global climate change simply because 1 they have not experienced something different in their own life time and they trust scientist's don't make mistakes have perfect moral values and have no political agenda. Scientists need money to fuel their own interests. To pay for house , car, food, etc…. If There is no funding for climate change who loses out on funds?

    Who has read Henry's Law?

  7. fake news fake science . you never see him debate the 31'000 scientists that say he is lying .if your going to be serious stop flying these bums in airplanes all around along with the good for nothing sports clubs. especially football both em

  8. I had never realized how stupid most of the “masses” are until now. I see most don’t do their research and have as their only source of information the “regular media”. That’s NOT REAL REPORTING!!!!!!! The dumb ones who don’t research and keep up to date with scientific reports will be screaming one they realize they are going to die. Will it be from diseases carried by insects? Will it be from fire spread from the forests? Will it be from killing each other over food after animals and agriculture are gone? Will it be from flooding, earthquakes or tornadoes? Or will it be because “America” won’t have any money left to deal with any more disasters!?????? WAAAAAAAKEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Behind ndg is a huge production. he is the m.c. since he wears the holy amulet of "Scientist" he must be taken seriously at all times. Scientists are quite literally a dime a dozen. this is not aimed at discrediting Science and scientists. it is a reminder that this head of a huge media production is just one of many, and far from the "best or brightest", but definitely the best "produced". looks good, but it is just another moneyed political production. Pravda West presents komrad tyson. the best minds in science today are NOT in agreement with any of this. Degrasse is a long running Puff Piece. very sad.

  10. There is no consensus on anthropogenic climate change even if there was (which it ISN’T) doesn’t make it a fact because science is not based on consensus.

  11. I see this. Science is funded by the government. The government uses fear to get their way. The more fear, the more power the government has. Fear of Climate change allows government to tax you (taxes are a way for government to restrict your freedom), for simply living your lives. Predictions of the future are generally false. I am tired of government using science to get their way, because science depends on government money. Science said a few years ago that the polar caps were melting. False. Antarctica has grown by 25 percent since this warning. They said the Polar Bear population was being decimated by global warming. False. I checked this out. In the 1970's there were 7,500 Polar Bears, today a population of approximately 25,000. Science will do what the government wants them to do. How could they be so mistaken about Polar Bears and ice caps? I may leave some of you now. I have been studying Agenda 21. This is only part of the weaponery they have at their disposal. California fires is another. Chem trails is another. Mass shootings is another. Water distribution is another. We need to pin down our politicians and ask them point blank, Do you support Agenda 21? Then look at how they have voted and see.

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