David Attenborough on climate change: 'The world will be transformed'

An extract from Liberatum’s documentary In this Climate, in which a range of cultural and environmental figures including Noam Chomsky, David Attenborough and Mark Ruffalo respond to the threat of climate change and to the deniers.
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The full-length film is scheduled for release before the World Economic Forum in January 2017.

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David Attenborough on climate change: 'The world will be transformed'

Climate Change is a real and serious issue. In this video Bill Nye, the Science Guy, explains what causes climate change, how it affects our planet, why we need to act promptly to mitigate its effects, and how each of us can contribute to a solution.
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Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

National Geographic

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Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

40 thoughts on “David Attenborough on climate change: 'The world will be transformed'”

  1. Nuclear physics and geology are my fields, so I am not a super "climate scientist" like Cher and Noam, but apparently I know a couple of things they do not. The sun is the main driver of climate on earth, period. The sun has been in a Grand Solar Maximum for about one hundred years. The earth warmed during this period, but now the Grand Solar Maximum has ended. We are now are in a period of solar minimum, Cycle 24 was 50% weaker than cycle 23 and NASA says cycle 25 will be about 50% weaker than cycle 24. That means the earth will now cool, as we all seen over the last winters as we slid to the bottom of cycle 24, and since we are just bouncing along the bottom of cycle 24 this winter is going to be worse, it is unavoidable. Cycle 25 will be bad, cold weather crop losses, flooding, shortened growing seasons and amazing hail will no doubt lead to famines. The scary part is no one is giving a forecast for cycle 26 except Zharkova and a couple in that camp, and if cycle 26 is not a rebound our civilization may be in grave danger.

  2. what’s the point in doing anything if we’re all gonna fricking die

  3. Cher and the Hulk can turn back time and smash this problem. So I am not concerned.
    Seriously, how stupid do you think we are…

  4. Well of course, I agree with man made climate change.
    But let me ask you , Sir Attenborough and Mdm Cher, who made all these man ? Did you breed ? The biggest contribution one can make towards the destruction of the earths biosphere is the creation of more humans . The ecological footprint that comes with breeding is unsurpassed….. I am not responsible for me being on earth but I am responsible for the human climate changers conceived by me . Therefore I choose not to breed, most people however choose to be self interested hypocrites like David Attenborough and Cher clearly are …….

  5. Climate change has happened already ! Happened 200 years ago with coal the problem's now is cleaner water, greener and more natural areas in cities area's. We need a green industry revolution to recycle trash keep cities area's cleaner and give mankind better lifestyle 😏🎯 This not hard long-term to humanity but will help economic growth and developing, lifestyle around the world. Companies/ Government are slow to change because climate change has happened already 😏👍

  6. Global warming predictions continue to fail because the Democratic Party are the ones with all the hot air.

  7. How come these "celebrities" are so concerned about what is happening to people all over the world but they never criticize those people for having so many kids? Don't the prolific breeders have some responsibility for their own condition? Don't they bear some responsibility for the plight of so many due to their unwillingness to use birth control?

  8. If humanity causes it own extinction, so what? We had our chance, and we blew it. The reason I believe we should work to stop climate change is for the preservation of the natural world and it’s animals. They are party to an event of circumstances which, not only can they not comprehend, they cannot prevent, and it’s us who is behind it.

  9. Washington BC Canada and has seen its share of heat waves, and climate induced forest fires since 2006. Last year was horrid killing 85 people in paradise California. Its going to get worse..mass migration of the heat states has been occurring in south America. children are dying i Guatemala, el Salvador, Honduras from crop failure and lack of food. A close friend of mine, a two time jeprody round of champion and a Canadian lives in LA and he is depressed what is happening to the planet. He is from Yukon BC and the melting of permafrost is now releasing huge amounts of methane and Co2 into the atmosphere. Washington state has one of the most temperate climates in the country has seen a huge increase in climate refuges who left California for the heat waves and also…were priced out of the state. California also has the highest homelessness rate in the country.

  10. It’s nothing to do with population, and in factto blame it on population is fascistic, cos the majority of people who live in poor countries are not responsible for any of the big Environmental problems. They are caused by a minority of people in wealthy countries with their throwaway meat based consumer lifestyles. We currently grow enough food to feed a population of 10 Billion people, but 80% of all grain and Legumes is fed to the 70 BILLION animals bred for eating every year!. So the poor go hungry cos of our lifestyles, then are the targets of population assertions, cos it can’t be the population of the wealthy countries as they only have 2-3 children now.

  11. Lovely to see Cher and Chomsky, I just expected David Attenborough… Nice surprise anyway.

  12. John Connor: "We're not gonna make it, are we!? Humans I mean!"

    Terminator: "No, it's in your nature to destory yourselves!"

  13. You people are total morons. If there is such thing as an atmospheric “greenhouse effect” then someone tell me why is there radiation still escaping into space even with greenhouse gases?

  14. Its been a slow process a thousand years ago people crossed oceans by walking on ice montana was under a hudge glacier not something that has started in any of our lives

  15. Sorry Bill no science guy, I dont believe in Al Gore and his climate change hoax

  16. So the calculations that zero carbon emissions by 2050 is completely wrong..
    I bet these scientists didn't factor in the additional pollution and carbon emissions that infect the cities of the world? They did not factor in that the air in Shanghai is actually toxic to breathe, one needs to ask, how long will it take for those fumes to settle? What about every country in the world? How long will it take for all the toxic fumes to be extracted from the earth that cause global warming? Will the world not take action now? Fumes add up and are spread as a thin layer right throughout our world it is imperative that Vehicles must be abandoned at all cost.. We are not to cause anymore carbon emissions! Oil companies get rich from the suffering of the poor! It is time the people make a stand against these greedy vermin!
    You want to take a stand and find the solution to global warming? It lies with our education systems! We are creating a world full of criminals, we are not educating the children to become doctors engineers or physicists! We are by our own ignorance tricking them into becoming slaves! Oh get a job if you can't study! No! Every child is born a genius! It is by the parents to trick their child's mind into overdrive and use the incredible problem solving skills they hold to eradicate the evil off this planet! Universities are making fortunes off our citizens! Is it not cheaper to pick up a math or physics book and learn the material yourself? I have a far superior knowledge than most professors at the university I attend, and my course cost $300 for books and late charges to the public library?, it took me 6 months of hard study to get through a 1200 page physics book that is essentially the entire degree, Yet citizens pay 150 odd thousand for a stupid degree that makes no sense, and proves nothing! Unless we change we change how our universities, high schools and primary schools there will be no difference in the world and its climate!
    If you abolish the need for a teaching degree, and test a person on their specialist knowledge about science and what they could teach to a child of 4 years old, and get the child interested, isn't that better than wasting 4 years in a degree that's worthless and not specialized? Who are our world leaders? What makes them worthy to become world leaders? Who are our ministers for education? They have no skill and should be run be specialist scientists that can test and allocate specialists as teachers instead of useless teaching degrees that trick our citizens into debt and enslave the nation!

  17. Thanks baby boomers. You ruined our world and many of you have yet to believe it. And let's face facts, no one will save the Earth. We have 12 years, and the government wont do anything. It would have been ni e for the next generations to have trees or icebergs

  18. They say the earth is giving itself a fever in hopes to eradicate the virus it calls human.

  19. All the other kings of the world went extinct, dinosaurs etc. Now, where are the kings that are destroying the world.

  20. The meat and dairy industry accounts for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions like 80% or something crazy like that. MEAT AND DAIRY IS TORTURE GO VEGAN

  21. First they say the world is going to end. Then they oppose nuclear energy. So we all know that their TRUE agenda is to stifle the power supply of Capitalism. They'll adopt any pretext argument to effect that end, even mutually contradictory ones.

  22. This poser has no degree in any natural science. He's an engineer. The way he looks, he's would have more credibility posing as Peewee Herman's accountant.

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