Climate change thawing permafrost in Northern Canada

Climate change thawing permafrost in Northern Canada

Permafrost in Northern Canada is thawing, shifting the ground under people’s feet and altering the foundations beneath buildings.

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Bill Nye: Climate Change Is Now | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

CO2 levels are the highest they have been in 3 million years. Bill Nye the Science Guy joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle with his thoughts on our warming planet.
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Bill Nye: Climate Change Is Now | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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20 thoughts on “Climate change thawing permafrost in Northern Canada”

  1. It's gradual until its not. Food availability will tip it into crisis. Farming areas of Ontario have not been able to plant because of rain. Huge areas of USA have not been able to plant either. Food prices will continue to go up. Maybe we do not have a supply problem so far but how long can governments keep order if people are starving?

  2. Goal number 1 in life now is find out where bill lives drive to his house with my big dodge Cummins and smoke out his whole neighborhood
    The fires were not caused by climate change in California it was a guy at a gender reveal party:
    NASA has proof on their website that the ice caps got bigger
    Lake Michigan was supposed to dry up from clinic change now there is more water in them from before
    Climate does change but what these people are saying is just crazy.

  3. its not only the U.S.A as he says, I'm from the U.K and we have a lot of people here actively trying to make our government aware of whats happening, its a world wide issue not just a U.S issue

  4. Bill Nye, the unscientific guy. He's just a lemming for the treacherous leftists of the world.

  5. The thing is, climate change isn't a right or left thing or a democratic or republican thing. It's a science thing. Science blending with politics is really dangerous. That's what we need to understand.

  6. It’s sad that people need to here this. Bill Nye raised us, we all know it. Now he is talking to us like adults. And he knows we need it

  7. Bill Nye is an actor. He has a BS in mechanical engineering and worked for Boeing. He's not an astrophysicist or a scientist.

  8. I like Bill Nye as a character. He's entertaining to watch but he really tells it like it ain't. Very misleading. If anyone cares to hear an unbiased explanation about why the earth's climate changes then watch the PBS presentation "Is an Ice Age Coming" and forget the fanfare.

  9. The only deniers are those Willing to destroy our environment in exchange for profits. Generally, republicans are split between greed over a planet for our kids, and their offspring. The others think it's a good idea since it might create jobs, which is never ever going to happen, regardless of talking points by their leaders. It's over. Republicans want to shut the planet down. It is the

    reason behind oil spills, lead in the cities water, extreme pollution, mutant mammals and plain ignorance that severe weather every SUMMER as well as winter. Trump is clueless about how it works. The rich are gutting everything and it hurts their low income people the most.

  10. What I want to know is when do we go to war? Like, actual war? If you believe that our ability to live on this planet will come to an end in 12 years and you understand that no matter what the USA does to combat climate change, if countries like India, Russia, And China do not also change their ways it wont matter what we do. SO… long do we wait until we declare actual military war on those countries in order to save the planet?

    So that being said, how long do we wait to take over those countries in order to save the planet? Because if you actually believe that we only have 12 years to make these massive and expensive changes, declaring war on these countries may be the only solution.

  11. What we should do:
    Plant trees-Decrease the use of wood and paper while trees take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen
    Refill large bodies of water-Carbon dioxide is soluble in water, which means it can dissolve in water.
    Please add on to this list.

  12. Climate change is a hoax because winter still exist and I dont see the world on fire every morning. Where is the desert? Where is mad max?

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