Can we hack climate change to save us all? | Foreign Correspondent

They sound like science fiction, but radical remedies to slow global warming are on the way. Eric Campbell goes in search of crazy brave ideas to save the world.

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Can we hack climate change to save us all? | Foreign Correspondent

20 thoughts on “Can we hack climate change to save us all? | Foreign Correspondent”

  1. The makers of this video are idiots. You need to be doing proper investagative journalism, this is pretty much the same as everyone else's videos. You need to present evidence from both sides of each solution and point out the flaws, misrepresentations and ommited parts of the IPCC report.
    Not once did you ask about the negatives of solutions or about the report
    Sulfur seeding is the end of man. It destroys ozone 🤦‍♂️
    Its always an excuse. It's inans nature to take the easiest route presented; every time

  2. Is there something going on. I think we have to assume something is going on. …..ASSUME? FFS? AGW is a scientific fact.

  3. People are they the problem? Lack of real solutions. Ignorance is no excuse. Is it? Simply to look is not to leap. No. The earth im afraid can only do what it does. Our simple thoughts. Are thus
    Only that. We drain the oil from the deepest parts of land and sea. We go to war and send highly motivated malitia straining. Every resource. Never knowing the true cost the earth is taking planes emiitimg chemicles cars so many buses tractor tailors. Semi. Never hardly cutting off thier machines smoke stakes. Plants making goods dumping raw toxic sewege into our lakes and streams. People want to go to Mars they say we will live there just wait and see. While many and the toll of which cannot be counted. over fishing.. Over populateing what land there is the earth is spinning slower now than ever the moon is escaping further away thus this is only normal it is only doing what is normal .people build and demand. This where they please. Thank you. very much. Putting cocreate anywhere and everywhere never thinking what happened to all the beaches i mean where they get all the sand anyway. So we crank up the cars trucks. Busses trains. And watch TV. With all ours conforts my how good we got it .earth is slowly heading towards the sun years from now maybe we will all be in protective suits to do what ? Where is the oxygen the rest of it. The water the rest of it life where are we now. On this planet. Looking for what? If we are all here then who feeds us in the end. When we finally wake up. All the thinking will be that what is normal. Live life f Loveing. Hope for the best because yes life as we now know it is that only life

  4. The weather(short term climate) is reported 80% correctly over 7 day and 50% at 10 day(coin flip) but they know in 12 years we will be cooked. If they are right then buying air conditioning stock would be a good idea.

  5. its good that people are helping im a helpless 11 yearold and theres grown ups not doing a damn thing your alyeady grown up people and do something in life

  6. Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a huge scam and if you don't know that already, YOU'RE BRAINWASHED !!

  7. How about turn carbon to electricity. So our electricity would be free or cheaper.

  8. All this documentary is based on fighting the symphoms not the cause, which is the monetary and wasteful system itself.

  9. GOD, what a CIVILIZED society the Danes have built. Why can't we ALL be Danish, Norwegian or Icelandic? Too bad the Vikings didn't conquer the Americas around 1,000 BC instead of those pasty, uptight, ass-puckered English. We'd spend our money on HEALTHCARE and EDUCATION, our citizens would be happier, our environment cleaner, and we wouldn't be bankrupt from having troops stationed in 90 countries around the world to grab the oil from despots.

  10. just a tiny bit of cow farts, farmers in Denmark slaughtering their cows to help reduce emissions of methane gas, we need America and Canada to slaughter most of its cows to even have a chance

  11. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change . The mass production of cows for meat and diary releases methane . Methane is 62x worse than co2. Want to fight climate change . Stop eating meat/diary .

  12. Purposefully block out the sun to combat imaginary dangerous AGW.

    What could possibly go wrong if you cool the Earth?

  13. Some billionaire is gonna spend billions on spraying sea water instead of spending a billion on his/her mega yacht. lool. Climate Change will solve itself. By 2070 is India and Pakistan become uninhabitable. Then their Nuclear Power Stations get to play all by themselves. So all the fossil fuel industries spend billions on disinformation against Climate Change and suddenly some other industry is going to spend 4 trillion on CO2 removal. Serious hopium there boys and girls.

  14. Heh, animal agriculture and population, never mentioned! Yet the biggest impact. All can say is good luck to you all when I die in the next 30 years 🙂 cause this planet is a gone !

  15. Utterly stupid.. the sun drives climate change and there is nothing humans can do about it.. the sun is 1.3 million times bigger than the earth.. and it is currently moving to a slow period where the earth will enter a mini iceage over the next 15 yrs and will not emerge until the next century.. this is a cyclical event and has been seen in the past.. the last one was called the Maunder minimum.. look it up, a 50 yr period of very cold temperatures… also CO2 is plant food removing carbon from the atmosphere is crazy it will kill the plant life

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