Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees

Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees

In Squamish, British Columbia, there’s a company that wants to stop climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

It’s called Carbon Engineering, and it uses a combination of giant fans and complex chemical processes to remove carbon dioxide from the air in a procedure known as Direct Air Capture.

Direct Air Capture isn’t new, but Carbon Engineering says its technology has advanced enough for it to finally make financial sense.

The company is backed by Bill Gates — but also by the oil giants Chevron, BHP, and Occidental. These partnerships will bring Carbon Engineering’s tech to market by using the captured carbon to make synthetic fuels and and help extract more oil from the ground.

Will Carbon Engineering’s technology decrease the amount of CO2 in the air, or is it going to prolong our dependence on fossil fuels?

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How Carbon Capture Can Affect Climate Change

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20 thoughts on “Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees”

  1. This doesn't resolve anything and actually uses more fuel to do the processing. This is along the lines of the HUGE fans they were going to install in Los Angeles to blow the smog out of town! I had to LOL when I heard her say: "store it underground". hahaha Yeah, that's a great idea. Why not send it into the sun? Along with all the rest of our junk!

  2. It's not about the carbon in the air. The left wing crazies will find something else to try and take down capitalism when this is successfully implemented.

  3. looks like we dont have to worry about burning more oil. though we still need trees to combat desertification and stabilize the soil.

  4. Sounds like a complicated tech when all you need is a farm of clear pipes filled with treated sewage water with bubble stones at the base to take the nitrates left in the water and grow algae at the cost of a pump to fill the pipe and an air compressor to pump in air to the water. No chemicals needed just nitrates rich water, air and sunlight

    Nothing like cleaning the water more and pulling CO2 out of the air to create a product that at worst is then turned into animal feed.

  5. The usual scientifically clueless reporting. 15 minute story without even a single word about the WILDLY THERMODYNAMICALLY UNFAVORABLE nature of carbon capture. This will NEVER EVER even put a tiny dent in the enormous amount of co2 in the atmosphere. The only solution is to stop emitting.

  6. Anything that can help reduce the pollution caused by us using fossil fuels must be good for the environment, until we can produce more electricity from natural sources like wind and solar and improve battery performance for vehicles surely this will help. The oil company's of course have a vested interest in reducing carbon immissions , they are the ones who through us using vehicles, trains and planes create this gas so if people don't buy the oil products their out of business and that's the last thing they want. This system should be used in big cities worldwide where there are big concentrations of vehicle usage until we can develop the nesessary technology to generate electricity and store it effectively, these fools that think we can just do this overnight are living in La La land. Clean energy is urgently needed and atomic power is NOT the way to go because of the risks involved with it and the costs and problems with dealing with any accidents that may occur, this stop gap measure must be better than doing nothing at all.

  7. First they should stop deforestation in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Indonesia, Camboja, DRC etc then start a massive reforestation program. These Carbon Capture plats only focus on global waming, and about biodiversity and species conservation?

  8. Start an World EPA group & START regulations & fines to ALL countries NOT compiling or that don’t have emissions control on their power plants, refineries and among other industries!! And maybe neuter all males in 3rd world 🌎 countries for starters … aka population control!!

  9. @7:17 mark, Dan Kammen, the UC Berkely Professor of Energy is being a stereotype and he's being butthurt. He's chanting the same whining about energy companies being evil. The oil companies are energy companies. They got in the business of using petroleum in order to save the whales during the early 20th century. I agree that using fossil fuels should become obsolete and this is why I am glad the oil companies want to use carbon capture.

    It's smart for an oil company to look to Carbon Capture because they're seeing what the future is and where energy development needs to go. I do think it's a wise move for Carbon Capture to be part of the oil and energy company' interests. Of course the "Environmentalists" are naive and ignorant. A great energy source to power other Carbon Capture processes would be nuclear energy. Nuclear Fusion would be great whenever that becomes economically viable because the Sun is a big nuclear fusion reactor in outer space and it provides the solar energy that the environmentalists praise so much. Of course Bill Gates also financially backs a company called Terra Power and they have a Traveling Wave type of nuclear fission reactor.

    Traveling Wave is in interesting type of reactor design but it also looks very much like Bill Gates Microsoft style. I mean, if you know the development history of Microsoft products in the 1980's and 1990's, then you can see why Bill Gates chose to invest his money into the Traveling Wave reactor design.

  10. These green idiots are hating on the only company that's actually successfully doing something. Why would we want to just plant more trees if global warming causes more forest fires?

  11. They're destroying our plant foods. The CO2 is so low, the farmers are watching their crops die. These willing idiots are the ones hurting the earth, then they blame mankind. Well I guess they're part of mankind.

  12. Trees separate the carbon from the oxide then give this oxygen into the air and hold the carbon as plant structure. the machines don't do that. The need for trees goes far beyond the need to hold carbon. If the petroleum cartels get behind any carbon price it will be one that passes cost on the poor.

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