Let's fight

Climate change affects us all.

You can save many lives !

and save our planet



Reduces emissions

Use means of transport that do not pollute the environment and help take care of the planet.

Save Energy

The saving of energy reduces the fuel consumption in the generation of electricity and avoids the emissions of polluting gases.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Separating organic waste and reusable materials means that we use less raw materials and take care of the environment.

Eat fruits and vegetables

The consumption of fruits and vegetables potentiate the organism and suppose a lower consumption of CO2. If meat intake decreases, the impact on the environment will be very considerable.

Take care of the forests

The trees clean the air and generate the oxygen that we breathe. Trees absorb CO2 from the air that is harmful to humans.

Demand sustainable measures

Demanding sustainable actions from governments, we guarantee our future and that of our planet.

Why plant

Trees act against global warming

because they absorb CO2 from the air

and save our planet

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